Deep dive into the products we manage and discover a portfolio ranging from RegTech, FinTech, Chip technology, 3D printing, Robotics, Cyber security, and more.

Our Products

We are authorised as a Fund Manager by the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) with the License Number 220083. Our Product POLYVALENT CAPITAL (OEIC) PCC LTD with Registration Number 000008941 is invested in a diversified portfolio of assets focusing on hedge fund, private equity, venture capital and fund of funds strategies. It invests in both public and private markets. Only Professional and Well-Informed Investors may be accepted to the AIF. For further information and questions, please contact us.

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"Polyvalent Capital is a growth-minded investor. They know what it takes to build the company to the next level and provide no-BS advice on operational, strategic, and people issues. Investing at different stages of companies' evolution certainly helps with this understanding. They go far and beyond what traditional VC and growth funds will do. They will dive deeper into your financial model and identify the most significant drivers and risks. They will think two steps ahead and share some insightful implications of your strategic decisions with you. At the same time, they keep a good line and only get involved when you need them to. A rare mix we have not seen much in other investors."

Slava Solonitsyn, CEO and Co-founder, Mighty Buildings

"Polyvalent has been a great investor/partner providing support through an ever-changing fintech/regtech investment landscape and the ongoing evolution of decentralized finance. We appreciate the thoughtfulness they bring to FinClusive's strategic growth, helping us focus on supporting near-term operations and go-to-market implementations, but always thinking about how the sector continues to evolve and how FinClusive can maintain strategic competitive advantage."

Amit Sharma, CEO and Co-Founder, FinClusive

Our Approach

Identifying Value

Extensive research of sectors and businesses, alongside in-depth due diligence, is carried out to identify value in investment opportunities that could bring significant potential.

Solving Complexity

Finding opportunities that desire to solve complexities in industries, businesses and day to day operations is an important characteristic in our investment approach and strategy.

Transforming Sectors

Polyvalent Capital focuses on horizons and verticals that include the developments of sophisticated technologies to create value, invest in the future we believe in, and disrupt with innovation.